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Updated: Aug 22, 2023



Esra Esra Lemmens is an accomplished Design Strategist who heads her own agency, The Esra Lemmens Agency.

With degrees in Fine Arts and Design, she embarked on a career path that involved collaborations with fellow designers and design labels, ultimately leading to her groundbreaking book, 'Conceptual Commercialism Commercial Conceptualism.' In this book, she explores the future interface between conceptual designers and commercial companies. Esra has a unique mission at the helm of her agency: to empower Designers and Architects, helping them reach their full potential and align themselves with the 4'C's in 'CC-CC.' With her background in Fine Arts and Design, she excels in connecting with clients and transforming their visions into reality. She tailors her representation to each client, customizing and optimizing their presence through partnerships with studios, cultural institutions, events, labels, museums, galleries, even governments and other relevant resources.

Esra's career is built on discretion, and she focuses on empowering contemporary Designers and Artists worldwide while providing clear business perspectives. She represents some of the industry's biggest names and has facilitated numerous successful collaborations with major companies. Under her guidance, many contemporary designers and architects have earned prestigious awards and become influential figures in the field. Esra's work has a global presence, bolstered by her ongoing lectures and workshops.

As the founder and director of the Esra Lemmens Agency, she's a respected figure in the design community, known for her deep understanding of design concepts, history, and business perspectives. She is an ambassador for contemporary design and has been recognized for her leadership skills. Her expertise in design management and communication adds substantial value to her contributions. Her strategic thinking and organizational capabilities are honed from extensive interactions with key players in the design industry.

Esra delivers lectures at prestigious design institutes worldwide, leveraging her extensive experience in the Middle Eastern design industry. Her innate artistic sense and knowledge enable her to observe and promote new mindsets and approaches for empowering designers. Esra's design management skills are crucial in motivating contemporary designers worldwide. Her dedication to being a source of inspiration allows her to address various topics and lead discussions effectively comprehensively. As the author of 'Conceptual Commercialism Commercial Conceptualism,' Esra is no stranger to conversations about the multifaceted aspects of design. Her numerous collaborations with renowned designers enrich her ability to engage in discussions on various forms and content. Her impressive track record in these collaborations bolsters her position as a moderator in wide-ranging discussions. Leading her agency offers Esra the opportunity to engage with diverse clients regularly. Her clientele in the complex design industry comprises designers with varying principles and mindsets. Her exposure to these distinctive viewpoints gives her an advantage in participating in discussions on a multitude of topics.

In summary, Esra embodies a versatile blend of organizational prowess and in-depth knowledge of the complex design industry. Her international acclaim as a Design Strategist and influential public speaker reflects her continuous pursuit of innovative ways to maximize designers' potential and secure our future. Her analytical skills, creativity, and expertise in Design Management and Design Communication have garnered recognition from industry leaders, government organizations, and cultural institutions. Esra's work highlights design's omnipresent influence in addressing complex problems across various facets of our lives.



T: +971 4 880 4472

M: +971 52 640 4237

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