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CIAAD integrates a futuristic vision of the world of architecture and design into one harmonious creative universe powered by collaboration between professional, educational, institutions and industry. The CIAAD endorsement is the most reliable quality assurance for all facets of the creative ecosystem determined by a multi-disciplinary pedagogy with an international perspective enhancing creativity, access and communication.

CIAAD Vision


CIAAD’s vision is to be the leading Design Accreditation and Educational Hub, by integrating variable design disciplines under the umbrella of a holistic regulatory body. CIAAD’s vision is not limited to undergraduate design programs, but also seeks to become a global base for the development of postgraduate design programs and professional practices.

Our Vision
Our Mission
CIAAD Mission


CIAAD’s mission is to endorse awareness, knowledge and the implementation of international standards as key ingredients in the development of undergraduate/postgraduate design programs, and professional practices. In addition to consultation and to providing official accreditation services, CIAAD’s educational mission revolves around multiple strategic activities, including:

Multi-disciplinary and international design pedagogy workshops.

Community, business and corporate certified Masterclasses, developed and delivered by practitioners and academics of Interior design, fashion design, graphic design, design thinking and corporate practice, design entrepreneurship, accessories and styling.

International and mutli-disciplinary collaborative projects, which targets the cooperation between universities and industry partners through face-to-face and real-life streaming of studio platforms, online exhibitions, moderation and benchmarking.

Double degrees between different universities with a virtual and physical study aboard experience to students and staff.

Regional and international internship for students.

Industry and academic lectures, seminars, colloquiums, community outreach and engagement, NGO engagement, professional development, study tours, curriculum-based events, and inhouse resident artists and designers

Leading globally sourced library for material samples, test labs, and virtual simulation studios

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