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CIAAD integrates a futuristic vision of communication and story-telling technology to establish a quality assured continuous design education through multi-disciplinary projects with an international perspective. CIAAD will use face-to-face design pedagogy with latest generation technology and education tools to encourage collaboration across disciplines and continents. Live projects such as The Boomerang Project will be the catalyst to drive improvements to best practises amongst member institutions.

CIAAD's Future Direction
CIAAD Education


Multi-disciplinary international design workshops.

Community, business and corporate certified Master classes in: Architecture, Interior design, fashion design, graphic design, design thinking and corporate practice.

Multi-disciplinary international projects with universities and industry partners, both face-to-face and online.  

Regional and international internships.

Accredited Certificates and exchange programs.

Industry and academic lectures, seminars, and study tours.

Educators Forum


The CIAAD Educators Forum is a meeting of educators from different design disciplines that takes place once every two years at a leading institution. The CIAAD Board is responsible for organizing the forum in coordination with the educational members of CIAAD and its Advisory Board.


In a friendly and open forum, participants can share new ideas and approaches whilst at the same time learning from other attendees across design boundaries and geographies. The educators creatively leverage design as a tool for social and environmental justice.


In this manner of collaboration and coercion across the academic and professional spheres the creative outcomes will help determine the learning methods of the future. Attendees will take new ideas and experiences back to their respective institutions and broadcast the messages to their own faculties and students without compromising their own identities and individual curricula. CIAAD educators inspire their students to take risks and burnish their creativity by crossing disciplines. They lead them to move beyond the obvious without being afraid of making mistakes.


The ultimate goals of the CIAAD Forum are the progression of current methods and the gaining of more consistent and high global standards. 

Master Class
CIAAD Masterclasses


The CIAAD Master Classes provide access to the foremost industry experts and thinkers from around the world. Conducted periodically throughout the year in various locations around the globe, CIAAD’s members are invited to immerse themselves in the creative world of these renowned individuals to take instruction, to hear their thoughts and to witness their methodologies. These classes balance the practical and theoretical ensuring that participants have new techniques to consider and ideas to explore. Certificates of Participation recognise the commitment to this pursuit of quality.



CIAAD offers a program of technical, practical and theoretical workshops throughout the year designed to develop and enhance specific skills and techniques to extend a students or practitioners capabilities, and by way of reinforcement through the sharing of the latest and most updated trends, technologies and applications. Furthermore, they are a valuable opportunity for industry to share new developments, products and concepts.

CIAAD Workshops
CIAAD Seminars


CIAAD hosts regular seminars on a wide array of topics across all disciplines of architecture and design. Visiting experts, industry leaders, authorities and regulators, educators and global thinkers alike will be sharing the developments across the plethora of issues arising from, and affecting, the work of our industry and members. CIAAD seminars encourage interaction and discussion with open forums, open dialogue and are often integrated with workshop sessions.



CIAAD views internships as an integral facet of the journey of a new architect or designer into the industry. CIAAD works closely with industry partners, educational institutions and students to recommend and align complimentary requirements and expectations with internship programs in local and international markets. At all times, CIAAD is looking to support our student members to give them the experience needed to provide them the competitive advantage to secure their ideal employment in the industry.

CIAAD Internships
Grad Shows
CIAAD Grad Shows



The CIAAD headquarters in Dubai is the ideal location to host a Graduation Show to present and showcase the final works of your institutions leaving students. There are multiple locations throughout the facility to cater to any scale of event, formal or casual, with onsite catering available to suit all tastes and beverage requirements. Furthermore, CIAAD will invite the membership to attend at agreed times to ensure that the exposure for your students is maximised. Please arrange to visit our headquarters and start planning your event with CIAAD.

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