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The CIAAD Award recognise the most significant contributions to the world of architecture and design. Based on a broad criterion we seek to identify the individuals who are driving creativity and change in our industry.


The CIAAD Award for Excellence is presented annually and is determined by a jury comprising of CIAAD Advisory Board representatives and esteemed CIAAD members.


The Award is presented in two categories, being professional and student, and seeks to recognise the following:

CIAAD Awards

Top performing professional - female

Top performing professional - male

Top performing student- female

Top performing student - male

Top performing practice or agency

Top performing manufacturer

Top performing architecture or design program

CIAAD appreciates that the world of architecture and design is unisex and delivers opportunities equally to men and women, however CIAAD also recognises and appreciates that the breadth of contribution is often achieved in different ways.

The criteria for success is to demonstrate to the jury how the individual, company or institution has adopted innovative and imaginative thinking, consideration of all users, material and technological advancements, world-first initiatives or elements, and the ability to make the world a better place for their contribution.


The CIAAD Scholarship program is for students undertaking their first professional degree in architecture or design from a member institution. The dean or chair of any member institution can submit up to two candidates per annum who have been recognised for their high academic and creative performance, and can demonstrate a need for financial assistance.

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