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CIAAD is headquartered in Dubai, the renowned and thriving global hub for innovation, and recognises it has a responsibility to architects and designers in all markets and is working with several countries to develop satellite facilities. As this network grows we foresee each facility will replicate the core values and offerings of the first CIAAD facility in Dubai, but we also expect to see some examples of specialisation thereby offering a diversification of strengths across the entire CIAAD Group. CIAAD Intl. will oversee the integration and growth of the international network.

Int Board
CIAAD Internatioal Board

The International Board is a combination of CIAAD Group Advisory Board members complimented by industry experts from around the world with specific skillsets and professional experiences in delivering a set of inherent values and core offerings on a global scale.


CIAAD Intl. works closely with national, regional and global organisations of the specific architecture and design streams to support and guide an integrated and harmonious affiliation between the various groups to better service each party on an international scale. Furthermore, CIAAD uses its international influence to support global issues affecting the creative sector, lobbying governments and industry to maximise the opportunities for the members and to encourage a greater acceptance of design-led thinking and practises across markets.

CIAAD Affiliations
CIAAD Institutions

Architecture and design has never been subjected to as many international influences as we see today and it is the responsibility of the educational institutions to offer suitable programs to prepare their students for what the international design industry requires. To be prepared for this CIAAD facilitates for the members a global exchange for students, educators, and policy makers alike. Furthermore, reinforced by CIAADs Educational Support services.


CIAAD Intl. will review applications for CIAAD Chapters to ensure they meet the core values and offerings of CIAAD, agreeing to a road map for the development and implementation for the facility, personal and services to be offered. Regular inspections, reviews, and evaluations will follow in the lead up to the opening and subsequently to ensure the required standards are adhered to. If you are interested in opening a CIAAD Chapter in your market please contact us.

CIAAD Chapters
CIAAD Expositions

CIAAD has a regular program of expos to showcase new materials and technological developments bringing together architects, designers, suppliers, students, industry and government. These showcases are regulated to ensure that only the newest and most innovative ideas and products are presented thereby assuring the quality of the association with CIAAD is maintained.

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