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CIAAD appreciates that the creative sector has become more diverse and challenging than ever before with greater competition from the myriad of creative agencies emerging locally and globally. Furthermore, many industry professionals can be challenged to maintain an overview of the latest trends and material advancements across the breadth of the industry due to many reasons including the practicalities and rigors of delivering their own projects and serving their clients. Therefore, CIAAD has developed many platforms and programs in which to facilitate the sharing of information and ongoing learning to maintain a connection to the latest trends, material and technological developments as well as connecting practitioners with potential complementary business partners and alliances, symbiotic relationships and suitable interns.



The CIAAD Executive Advisory Board consists of a group of respected professionals who are active in the commercial market. The role of the advisory board is to bridge the gap between academia and the private sector, and to maintain the relevance of the activities of CIAAD with the demands of the industry.


The Executive Advisory Board supports in several ways across many of our activities, including:

CIAAD Workshops


CIAAD Portfolio Evaluation



CIAAD Competitions


CIAAD Prsentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills


CIAAD Networking


CIAAD Internships at Organisations

Internships at


CIAAD Seminars


CIAAD Site Visits



The Executive Advisory board meets once a quarter to set short and long-term plans and goals and to report on all activities that have taken place over the previous period. The Advisory board exists to compliment the work of the CIAAD group and to assist the students, the student’s own educators, professionals and industry to maximise the benefits derived from the programs and initiatives of CIAAD. Board members operate on a voluntary basis.

CIAAD Masteclasses

The CIAAD Master Classes provide access to the foremost industry experts and thinkers from around the world. Conducted periodically throughout the year in various locations around the globe, CIAAD’s members are invited to immerse themselves in the creative world of these renowned individuals to take instruction, to hear their thoughts and to witness their methodologies. These classes balance the practical and theoretical ensuring that participants have new techniques to consider and ideas to explore. Certificates of Participation recognise the commitment to this pursuit of quality.


CIAAD offers a program of technical, practical and theoretical workshops throughout the year designed to develop and enhance specific skills and techniques to extend a practitioner’s capabilities, and by way of reinforcement through the sharing of the latest and most updated trends, technologies and applications. Furthermore, they are a valuable opportunity for industry to share new developments, products and concepts.

CIAAD Workshops
CIAAD Seminars

CIAAD hosts regular seminars on a wide array of topics across all disciplines of architecture and design. Visiting experts, industry leaders, authorities and regulators and global thinkers alike will be sharing the developments across the plethora of issues arising from, and affecting, the work of our industry and members. CIAAD seminars encourage interaction and discussion with open forums, open dialogue and are often integrated with workshop sessions.


The CIAAD membership is an extremely valuable environment from which to source collaborations and the CIAAD team is available to assist. Whether you seek an introduction at one of our regular networking nights, or for more specific requirements the team is ready to make an introduction. Furthermore, CIAAD targets various design competitions in which it seeks to facilitate the creation of a consortium of members to undertake a specific opportunity. It is expected that professional membership at CIAAD should create genuine opportunities to grow your business.

CIAAD Collaboration
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