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CIAAD has several categories for architects and designers at every stage of their career, from the early years as students, to professionals, educators and industry. CIAAD recognizes the importance to see the creative universe as one intertwined ecosystem so seeks to provide membership and sponsorship opportunities for all parties to recognize and encourage greater engagement. The benefits of membership and volunteering with CIAAD are numerous:


Helping to play an integral role in a process that produces recognizable and tangible outcomes.


The satisfaction gained in helping integrate the worlds of practice and academia.


The excitement associated with charting new territories & making new connections.


The ability to help “raise the bar” of professionalism for the field of design.


The database of CIAAD Members is an instant access to a diverse collection of complementary skills and services, products and technology waiting to develop collaborations, partnerships and employment opportunities.


CIAAD Member – Student

Closing the gap between the academic learning and the expectations of the professional world is one of the driving forces behind CIAAD.  Hence the programs being offered by CIAAD constantly strive to bring students and professionals together to bridge the gap and better prepare students for working life, as well as providing access to industry to the best emerging talent.


CIAAD Member – Educator

As an educator, CIAAD is an invaluable resource for closing the gap between academia and professional life. The masterclasses, internship programs as well as access to the membership, CIAAD Material Library and Design Centre are an incredible extension to the education you are imparting.


CIAAD Member – Professional

Professional Members will enjoy access to the CIAAD Database and Material Library, preferable rates in the Design Centre and various activities throughout the year, as well as invitations to the numerous networking events hosted by CIAAD.


CIAAD Member – Educational

Educational organisations, schools and departments offering professional courses for architecture and design stand to gain a considerable amount from a CIAAD membership. The resources that CIAAD offers together with access to speakers, masterclasses, workshops and study tours will all complement existing programs, while applying for accreditation will significantly improve the status of courses offered.


CIAAD Member – Institutional

Associations, institutions and organisations operating throughout the creative sector are also extremely welcome to enjoy the benefits of CIAAD and join in the numerous programs throughout the year.


CIAAD Member – Industry

CIAAD has a synergetic relationship with industry, as a conduit for access to the latest materials and technologies, furthermore as a catalyst for engagement between professionals and suppliers. This is an exciting relationship and one which keeps CIAAD in the always-on space and provides industry a meaningful access to decision makers.


CIAAD Member – Partner


Partners of CIAAD play an important role by supporting the various programs and activities throughout the year. By aligning their brands with the values and initiatives of CIAAD, together we present a united optimism for the future of creative industries. Exposure to the CIAAD membership and a significant presence alongside CIAAD media provide further significant advantages. Call us today and let’s discuss how we might best collaborate.

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