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Mona Akbari is a distinguished Interior Designer who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from The American University in Dubai.

Her passion for the beauty and harmony is infinite. Living and traveling to different parts of the world since her childhood, created her multicultural background and gave her the ability to have a broader and much stronger vision to absorb diversities between cultures and nations in Architectural and Interior design aspects.

Mona worked on many successful projects with different design firms in both Dubai and US.

With a unique point of view in combining classis and authentic interior styles and merging them together, her designs are inspirational with an unparalleled quality. Her style always have a touch of elegance with edge.

After her graduation, she moved to the United States in 2012. She immediately started working with Luxury brands design firms and got to become familiar with United States construction standards and interior styles. By closely collaborating with Architects, interior designers and contractors, Mona had the chance to work on many Interior design projects. Her roles in overseeing, leading and growing the design business had always been her strengths in improving the aesthetic quality of interior spaces. All that, brought her to the mindset that a designer should understand the art and science of lifestyle, environment and taste to create a functional, beautiful and personal space. Her portfolio comprises mostly distinguished commercial and residential design projects.

She embraced the project of CIAAD since its inception and was officially linked to the Council in 2017 where she started coordinating the Pacific West office activities in Los Angeles- California.

Mona believes in innovation, taking risks and boldly going where no designer has gone before.

She trusts that you are either striving to get better or allowing yourself to get worse- there is no such thing as staying the same.


T: +1 888 837 7578

M: +1 949 395 6490

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