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Ryadi Adityavarman is a design educator with extensive teaching experience in several interior design and architecture programs in the United States since 1999. Ryadi has a multidisciplinary academic background with formal studies in interior design, architecture, historic preservation, building system, and cultural anthropology as a reflection of his aspiration for a holistic design knowledge.

Throughout his academic career, Ryadi has received multiple academic and teaching awards including recently as the 2015 Big 12 Faculty Fellow, 2015 IDEC Best Research Poster Award, 2014 Tilford Fellow. Recently he was selected as the 2016 Peace Fellowship recipient, based on his proposal of design as a part of conflict resolution strategy, in the Certificate of International Peace Studies program at Chulalongkorn University.

As part of his service contribution to design education, Ryadi has served as an invited reviewer for several academic journals, such as Journal of Interior Design, with active participation in academic organizations including IDEC and EDRA. He has been invited as a keynote speaker as well as gave presentations at several international academic conferences.

As a design teacher, Ryadi aspires to cultivate creative learning process to achieve explorative and authentic design exploration. He develops his teaching pedagogy based on a combination of Western and Eastern educational philosophy. His research interests are in design education, creative design process, social justice and humanitarian design, and contemporary issues in global design.


M: +1 315 409-8968

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