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Ghizlane Hayani Mounir is an award-winning engineer of energy and eco-materials from the Professional University Institute (ENSIBS), University of South Britain in France. She is an instructor of energy efficiency and energy optimization, a lecturer and doctoral candidate in thermal standards.

Ghizlane has held key positions in major accounts in France and Morocco such as Vinci Group and SLH Group. She has worked in collaboration with internationally renowned architects such as Goutal, Roulleau, and De Porzamparc. Being passionate about art and architecture, she has piloted grandiose projects, most notably the renovation of the Louvre museum of Paris, the Charles de Gaules airport in France, the Royal Palace in Riyadh, KSA, and the construction of several data centers with IBM and France Télécom.

Following the successful management of the AMO cell of the Grand Theater of Casablanca in Morocco, Ghizlane founded TCE Project, which is also the official representative of BETEM Group -France.

Among the notable clients of TCE PROJECT are Mercedes Benz Group, Barid Bank, CGI Technology and Services, Wafa Insurance, Zodiac Aerospace and, Africa's largest port, Tanger MED.

As much as she is an expert in energy, she has accompanied numerous companies in conducting their energy audits, implementing energy saving solutions and, most importantly, implementing medium- and long-term strategies by working in close collaboration with architects on material selection.

Ghizlane shares her expertise and knowledge with universities, institutes and centers of research. She supports university-companies exchange programs. She is a regular lecturer at International fairs, highlighting the scientific aspect of such events. She collaborates with several industrial associations and universities to support the future generation of architects and engineers.

Ghizlane embodies the soul of the artist with the scientific mindset of the engineer. She is a big enthusiast of arts and music, and she is often seen performing on guitar and drums on local stages.


T: +212 5 2293 4030

M: +211 6 61 949681

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