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Updated: Jun 3, 2023



Executive Board Member of CIAAD & Managing Director at Three Minds General Trading LLC.

Ammar Joseph was the Co-Founder in the UAE and Managing Partner for CHABROS International Group. Holder of the Canadian citizenship, Ammar Joseph is the descendant of a Mediterranean family. He is considered by excellence the architect of the successful development of the Council for International Accreditation of Architecture & Design in the UAE.

After completing his higher education in Civil Engineering and progressing professionally with his career, Ammar Joseph moved to the United Arab Emirates where he co-founded the UAE branch of CHABROS International Group , the leading producer and supplier of wood and veneer but also the main distributor of interior and exterior materials with twenty four branches around the world.

Through his extensive experience in the regional market and his passion for innovative products and their implementation, Ammar Joseph was able to bring the elite products to his new company that he established: Three Minds General Trading LLC. He adopted a zero tolerance policy when it comes to International standards by never compromising quality. He keeps involved in every detail in construction and fit-out, embracing complexity in design and the challenges of product engineering.

Ammar Joseph is a real mentor for professionals, young designers and students alike. He strives for excellence, sharing his passion for wood and building materials where his expertise lays. He excels in structuring the CIAAD International study tours for delegations with key industrial partners, relying on his huge network and strong liaisons.

Joseph is an International Associate member of the American Institute of Architects- AIA and a member of the Interior Design Educators Council- IDEC


T: +971 4 880 4472

M: +971 52 913 9999

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