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Marc is an international speaker, marketer and motivator. Born in Lebanon, he moved to California at the age of 18.

In his early 20’s and after graduating from Dental Technology school in Long Beach, CA his entrepreneurial spirit took over and drove him to explore few different avenues in which he started turning startup businesses into successful ones.

Marc had helped making successful many Cheesecake Factories Restaurants in Southern CA and now helps manage thru his ambassadorial organization the University of Southern California.

Finding houses and turning them into beautiful homes was also one of his Forte, where he mastered refurbishing houses and marketing them to distinguished clients, providing an exceptional service within a timely manner.

That’s where he discovered that people buy “YOU” before they buy any product. Self-representation and self-promoting are the keys to success in any market or endeavor.

Based in Los Angeles, Marc hosts seminars to educate, encourage and help achieve goals and dreams. Marc, with his excellent communication skills, became an inspirational figure to so many fresh graduates and professionals around the globe. He played a distinguished role in the branding of the Project boomerang by CIAAD, sitting on the jury panel for the finale in Mexico and leading the CIAAD Chapter in California.

One of his favorite quotes:” If it is to BE it is up to ME”


T: +1 888 837 7578

M: +1 (310) 404 1838

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